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Fungal neuroscience

Andrew Adamatzky (Professor in Unconventional Computing, UWE, Bristol)

17th May 2021 7:30pm by Zoom

Fungi are creatures with remarkably pronounced protocognition abilities. They control `thinking’ of trees. They open minds of humans. They help us to live in the world and to see the invisible. Recently we discovered that the electrical activity of fungi is similar to neurons. Fungi communicate with trains of spikes of electrical potential. Fungi responds to stimulation by changing their electrical properties and patterns of their electrical activity.  We briefly overview our discoveries on sensing and computing with fungi.

Southsea Coastal Scheme.png

Southsea Coastal Scheme - Designing Sea Defences

Rupert Teasdale, Project Manager, Coastal Defences and Thomas Green – Coastal Scientist, Royal HaskoningDHV

21st June 2021 7:30pm by Zoom

The Southsea Coastal Scheme is a nationally significant Flood and Erosion Risk Management project led by Portsmouth City Council to upgrade the ageing coastal defences along the seafront at Southsea, reducing the risk of flooding to more than 10,000 homes and 700 businesses. The talk will cover the background of the Scheme and provide an overview of the stages and process that are undertaken to deliver a coastal and flood protection scheme of this scale. It will focus on the processes  to incorporate climate change predictions into the design, ensuring the Scheme maintains the same standard of protection for its 100-year design life.


Banking the World’s Seeds
- conserving and enabling the use of plant diversity for innovation and adaptation

Rachael Davies, Germination Specialist – Millennium Seed Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.


19th July 2021 7:30pm by Zoom


The Millennium Seed Bank represents the greatest concentration of living seed-plant biodiversity on earth. This wild seed bank is a global resource for conservation and sustainable use of plants. It currently holds nearly 40, 000 species and over 2 billion seeds.  The talk will cover aspects of seed collection, curation and germination as well as an overview of the work done by the MSB partnership and how seeds banks provide options for the future survival and use of plants.

Autumn Pond

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20th Semptember 2021. 7.30pm by Zoom

Further information to follow

Black and White Train

Future Rail Power Options

David Shirres, Retired Network Rail engineer and Editor of Rail Engineer magazine

18th October 2021. 7.30pm by Zoom

The presentation will consider how rail can support UK decarbonisation context and the challenges of weaning transport off petroleum. It will consider the required mix of electrification, hydrogen and battery trains as well as traction technologies required during the transition to net zero. In doing so it will consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of traction.

Winter Views

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15th November 2021. 7.30pm by Zoom

Further information to follow

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