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Future Talks

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7:30 pm Monday February 19th, 2024

Cameos from Medical History

Patrick J Pead is a retired medical scientist who worked on the diagnosis of infectious diseases at Portsmouth. He will treat us to an evening of two short talks as follows:

1. An account of the work of Anna Wessels Williams - a little known pioneer American microbiologist who isolated a strain of diphtheria which elicited high potency anti-toxin and was used clinically in the USA and the UK, only to have the discovery claimed by her boss. Despite this she went on to establish very significant contributions to medical science.


2. "The Glow Girls". The story of the radium scandal of 1920s concerning young American women employed to paint luminous dials on timepieces and scientific instruments. This was a disgraceful exploitation of young women with a total disregard and misrepresentation of the dangers they faced in their work. Five brave women fought corrupt big business through a legal system which was stacked against them. The outcome was successful, and the employment laws were changed, but only after many had died in their 20s.

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7:30 pm Monday March 18th, 2024

The mineral resources of Australia; a personal tour

Chris Law


During his 6 month circumnavigation of this vast continent, the (test-tube chemist) speaker visited numerous mineral sites, and will discuss the extensive variety of basic and exotic mineral deposits throughout Australia.

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