Past Talks

Sept 21st 2020

Was Einstein Right that he was Wrong? Prof D Thomas, Portsmouth University


Feb 17th 2020

Cancer Immunology Dr Edd James, Southampton University


Jan 20th 2020

Social coordination in great apes and human children  Dr Sophie Milward, Portsmouth University

Nov 18th 2019

Preparations for the new Aircraft Carrier in Portsmouth Dockyard. Capt I Greenlees MOD Portdmouth

Oct 21st 019

Extreme Environments. The impact of extreme environments on humans Prof Mike Tipton, Portsmouth University


Sept 16th 2019

Printed Semiconductors and the future of Electronics Dr Sebastian Wood, National Physical Laboratory, London

July 15th 2019

Take Back your Online Privacy  High Cull,  IT Educational Trainer, Highbury College, Portsmouth

May 20th 2019

The death of the internal combustion engine: what comes next?  Dr Gareth Hinds, National Physcial Laboratory, London

Mar 18th 2019

From Chernobyl to Fukushima: environmental impacts  Prof Jim Smith, Portsmouth University

Feb 18th 2019

How Groups deal with Complexity Capt Jonathan Huxley , Royal Fleet Auxillary

Jan 21st 2019

Precious Metals  Mr Alastair Alexander, Reitred CEO Engelhard Group

Nov 19th 2018

Fighting Crime with Ion Beams  Dr Melanie Bailey, Surrey University


Oct 15th 2018

Ground water in Asian Deltas: the Good, the Bad, and the Awkward. Dr Mo Hoque, Portsmouth University

Sept 17th 2018

Antibiotic Resistance - a new threat?  Dr S Fouch, Portsmouth University

July 16th 2018

Forensic DNA Fingerprinting  Prof P Goldfarb, Surrey University

June 18th 2018

Medical Detection Dogs. Mr T Dawes, Medical Detection Dogs, Milton Keynes


May 21st 2018

The Rise of Ransomware. Mr Bruce McGavin, BetaPlus Cub, West Ashling

April 16th 2018

Managing water resources in a complex world. Dr Julia Brown, Portsmouth University

March 19th 2018

On a wild goose chase for the world's highest flying bird. Dr Lucy Hawkes, Exeter University

February 19th 2018

A changing climate and landscape: visions of a future Britain  Dr Mark Hardiman, Dept Geography, Portsmouth University

January 15th 2018

Universe Matters  Prof Daniel Thomas, Dept Astrophysics, Portsmouth University

November 20th 2017

The Wonderful World of Natural Navigation Tristan Gooley, Natural Navigator

October 16th 2017

Water, water everywhere, but is it fit to drink? Prof Graham Mills, Portsmouth University


September 18th 2017

Beekeeping Discoveries  Stuart Smith, Vice Chair, Chichester Beekeeping Association


July 17th 2017

Dust, Oil and Elephants. Dr Mike Fowler, Reader in Geochemistry, Portsmouth University


June 19th 2017

The UK Electricity Supply Network. David Harris, Retired Engineer


March 20th 2017

Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Dr. Eugen Barbu, Research Fellow, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Portsmouth University

February 20th 2017

Underutilised crops in an over-utilised world  Dr. Mark A. Chapman, Biological Sciences Dept, University of Southampton

January 16th 2017

Energy policy and security in the 21st Century  Dr Ed Stoddard, Lecturer, Portsmouth University


November 21st 2016      CANCELLED. Rebooked for October 2017

Water, water everywhere-but is it fit to drink? Dr Graham Mills

October 17th  2016

The Science of Bats: echolocation, flight and thermal regulation Mr Nik Knight


September 19th  2016

Confessions of a Weather Man Mr Ian Hurst

July 18th 2016

Technology in Bank Notes Mr Paul Chapman

June 20th 2016

The Diamond Light Source: a research facility delving into the secrets of atoms Laura Holland, Public Engagement manager, Diamond Light Source

May 16th 2016

Preventing Blindness in the Bolivian Amazon Mr Dave Goldsmith, Medical Scientist Andean Medical Mission

April 18th 2016

Public Service or Private Profit? – Nineteenth Century Civil Engineers and Public Health Reform. Dr Bob Otter, Retired Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Portsmouth University


March 21st 2016

Please don’t buy an electric car! Professor Averil Macdonald, OBE; Director of STEM at Highbury College, Portsmouth and Professor Emerita of Science Engagement at the University of Reading

January 18th 2016

Like infant, like dog? Dogs understanding of human forms of communication Dr Juliane Kaminski  Senior Lecturer in Comparative Cognition, Portsmouth University

November 16th 2015

Science in the service of Henry VIII: conserving a Tudor warship  Eleanor Schofield, Conservation Manager, Mary Rose Trust


October 19th 2015

Coastal change past and present   Peter Murphy, retired archeological consultant, English Heritage


September 21st 2015

Resource Efficiency for Crop Production.  Prof Peter Gregory, Chief Executive, East Malling Research, Kent

July 20th 2015

Public Service or Private Profit? – Nineteenth Century Civil Engineers and Public Health Reform. Dr Bob Otter, Retired Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Portsmouth University

June 15th 2015

A Walk in Tropical Forests. Professor E.B. Gareth Jones, Department of Botany and Microbiology, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

May 18th 2015

Food Allergies.  Prof Tara Dean, Department of health Sciences, Portsmouth University.


April 20th 2015

Materials in Action. Dr Diane Aston, Training and Education Executive, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining , Grantham


March 16th 2015

Sex and the Planet",  is this the most dangerous human activity, for all life on earth?  Prof J Guillebaud Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, University College London

January 19th 2015

Development of Clock Making  Mr Malcolm Archer, Clockmaker and Tutor West Dean College, Chichester




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