Zoom Information

You will need to have joined the SDG email list in order to receive the Zoom link. If you are not receiving SDG emails, please go to the contact page on the website (www.sciencediscoverygroup.co.uk)  and enter your details into Subscribe to our mailing list.



  • You can use a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

  • You will need a device with a camera.

  • If using a computer, please ensure it has a microphone and speaker; or you can use a set of headphones

  • If using Zoom for the first time

    • you may need to download it to your computer. https://zoom.us/

    • if using a smart phone or tablet, you can download the Zoom cloud meetings app from the App or Play store.

    • enter your email and click on the SIGN UP free button.

    • you will be shown your email address, click CONFIRM .

    • check your email which will say ‘’PLEASE ACTIVATE YOUR ZOOM ACCOUNT''. This may have gone to your spam box.


    • enter your name and a password and click OK .

    • you are now ready to use Zoom. Follow steps below for Joining a Zoom meeting.


  • Click on the URL / link in the invitation email. It will look something like: https://zoom.us/j/174421927

  • The email will also contain the meeting ID. Occasionally you are asked to enter this. It is the last numbers in the URL link. In the example above, the ID is 174421927

  • The email will also include a password. If asked, enter this.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download/open Zoom and join the meeting.

  • You will be ‘held’ in a waiting room and the host will admit you.


Using a computer or laptop

  • When you join the meeting, you will see a control bar at the bottom. If using a computer, you may need to hover your mouse near the bottom of the screen to make it appear.

  • At the bottom left is a microphone symbol and you can mute or unmute by clicking it on and off. Next is the camera / video button and you can click it on or off.

  • The next tab says Participants. If you click on this it opens a panel on the right showing a list of people who have joined.

  • You can switch between Speaker View and Gallery View; button top right of the screen.

  • If you wish to ask a question, use the Chat button in the middle of the control bar. A screen will open up on the right and you type in the space at the bottom. Press enter to send. All questions will appear in this window. Questions will be answered at the end of the talk.


Using a tablet or phone

  • The screen looks different to a computer or laptop. At the bottom left of the screen click on CALL VIA DEVICE AUDIO.

  • In order to get the buttons on the bottom of the window, you will need to tap your screen in one of the black areas.

  • You may see a headphone symbol if you did NOT choose CALL VIA DEVICE AUDIO. Click on it once and choose DEVICE AUDIO in order to be able to speak.

  • Once the audio is activated, you can click and unclick the button to mute or unmute.

  • Click the video/camera symbol to turn it on or off.

  • If you click the PARTICIPANTS button, the screen showing people disappears and you get a list of participants names. Use the back button to return to see the people.

  • When looking at the list of PARTICIPANTS , you will see a small button called CHATS. Click on this to open a separate screen to send a message.



  • The host will explain how the meeting will run and introduce the speaker. The host will mute everyone during the talk.

  • You can leave the meeting at any time by clicking on LEAVE in the bottom right of the screen.

  • The speaker will ‘share his screen’ so you can see his slides.

  • You cannot ask questions during the talk. Add your questions to CHAT and they will be answered at the end of the talk.


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